West Lafayette

Spa Services

Plasma Skin Tightening

A beauty enhancement procedure using a plasma pen device to shrink the skin using a sterile disposable probe.  Call for more information!

Brow lift$200
Crows feet$250
Lower lids$300
Glabella (between eyes)$150
Nasolabial (smile lines)$250
Top lip$250
Lip flip$300+
Lower lip$250
Mini facelift$1000+
Neck lift$500+
Belly Button$150

Facials and Facial Procedures

Tulasāra™ Facial60 min | $85
Dual Exfoliation Facial$135
Improves texture and radiance to reveal younger-looking skin.
Dermaplaning- procedure $70
Cupping Facial$45
Cupping Add-on$30
Aveda’s Perfecting Plant Peel℠ *$30
*Add on to facial


Full Makeup Application$42+
Brow Tint/Lash Tint$22
Lash Application (temporary)$25+

Eyelashes and Brows

Lash Extension full set$175+$200+
Lash Extension Retouch$45$75
Microblading 1st visit$400+ requires consultation
Microblading touch-up 3-6 months$100+
Microblading touch-up 6-18 months$200
Brow Lamination$100

Hair Removal

Back / Chest$60+
Under Arm$30+
Call for additional pricing on additional body wax.

Body Treatments

Aqua Therapy Body Polish45 Min | $75
Full body exfoliation, skin detoxification, moisture infusion, and tension relief with a personalized aroma.
Aroma Body Wrap75 Min | $90
Relieves stress, increases energy flow and circulation, exfoliates and moisturizes with customized aroma.


Aroma Relaxation30 Min | $50+60 Min | $85+90 Min | $120+
Light massage that soothes sore muscles and reduces tension.
Deep Tissue Massage60 Min | $85+90 Min | $120+
Releases deeply held muscle tension and removes toxin build-up.
Hot Stone Massage60 Min | $85+90 Min | $120+
Reduces deeper tension with the use of heat from hot stones.
Series pricing available - see Massage Series.
Chakra™ Balancing Massage60 Min | $85+
Deep massage with reflexology and aromatherapy to promote a balanced state.
Series pricing available - see Massage Series.
Lymph Massage60 Min | $85+
Aids in drainage of the lymphatic system and removal of toxins in the body.
Firming Massage/Cupping60 Min | $85+
Small suction cups are used to restore elasticity and break up cellulite.
Maternity Massage60 Min | $85+
Increases flexibility of hips and back to help ease the birthing process.
Stretching Massage60 Min | $85+
Restores the muscles to maximum length, dissolves knots and improves posture.